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Drug production in Afghanistan will be eliminated through new alternative development programs

 The authors of this report submit a new ideology for solving the Afghanistan problem: “Security through Development”. The report proposes to organize a comprehensive snowballing development strategy for Afghanistan commencing between 2015 and 2025.
The strategy will be implemented within the framework of new generation alternative development programs, including accelerated and boosted industrialization. This approach is deemed the only possible way of achieving one of the international community’s top priority goals: elimination of a planetary drug production center in the heart of Asia.
The report has been prepared by the civil society organizations of Russia and Belarus as a discussion paper for the Second Experts Meeting in the Framework of Russia’s G8 Presidency on “Alternative Development for Drug Producing Regions” to be held in Moscow on March 25, 2014.
Members of the research team: Yuri Krupnov (project leader), Mohammad Bashar Bashardost, Dmitry Panyukov, Alexander Petrushin, Arseni Sivitski, Alexei Tanayev, Ivan Filyaev, Yuri Tsarik.

You can download the report in PDF here


You can contact the authors of the report via email idmrr@idmrr.ru 



  • Introduction
  • Ending the No-Goal Mode in Dealing with Planetary Drug Production in Afghanistan
  • The Core Problem: Providing Employment
  • Alternative Development
  • Alternative Development Is Development
  • The Comprehensive International Plan for Alternative Development of Afghanistan
  • New Industries
  • Access to Social and Cultural Infrastructure
  • Security Issues
  • Mechanisms for Alternative Development of Afghanistan
  • Investment for Alternative Development of Afghanistan
  • Russia as a Major Donor of Afghanistan Development
  • The Road Map for Elaboration and Implementation of the Plan
  • Conclusion